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  • Messiah - Happy Birthday Händel in Halle

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Individual singers and choirs are always welcome to join. Past projects and tours have been:

  • Happy Birthday Händel in Halle, annually in February since 2000
  • "Messiah in the Street", Dublin, April 2020 
  • "Hallelujah Händel", Halle Saale, September 2018
  • Hayden Schöpfung in Amsterdam Concertgebouw, May 2014
  • Verdi Requiem in Amsterdam Concertgebouw, May 2013
  • Mozart Requiem, Nikolaikirche Leipzig, November 2012
  • Messiah in the Bavarian Alps, October 2012
  • Carmina Burana by Orff in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw, May 2012
  • Messiah in the London Royal Albert Hall, November 2011
  • Verdi Requiem, Nikolaikirche Leipzig, November 2011
  • Alexander's Feast by Händel in Halle, May 2011
  • Brahms Requiem, Nikolaikirche Leipzig, November 2010
  • Schöpfung by Haydn in Prague, October 2010
  • Messiah at the Moscow Kremlin, May 2010
  • Messiah in Trier, July 2009